What is Educater?

Designed in partnership with schools, Educater is a person-centred communication and tracking solution. Its modular approach is designed to dramatically reduce the administration burden within several key areas.

Educater fully integrates with leading schools’ management information systems such as SIMS, RM Integris and Facility CMIS etc.

Educater Process

Educater Central

Educater Central is where users will access all of the areas, features and modules of the Educater system. You will be presented with Educater Central whenever you log in. You will be immediately presented with a notifications area to quickly and easily see the tasks you have set or have been assigned to you.

Educater Modular Overview

Key Features

  • Accessible through desktop and mobile devices.
  • Professional personalised communication.
  • Split parents and 'looked after' children catered for.
  • Easy pricing structure - site-wide licence.
  • Secure offsite access.