How STATonline has helped Axminster School

Axminster Community Primary School took the decision to change their assessment tracker to STATonline in February 2017 - along with six other schools from the Acorn Academy Trust. Head of School Ross Minton explains how the pupil tracker has benefited both teachers and pupils at the school.

"Making a positive change can sometimes prove difficult when people remain comfortable with existing systems, even if they are obviously inefficient. I introduced STATonline across the school via a structured training programme. 

"I decided on a step-by-step approach, starting with initial baselines, and phased the learning with everybody. To commence with we took all of the core staff away, which worked really well. Following that initial session, the staff started to realise what a powerful assessment tracker STATonline is and the positivity spread. 

"The training got everyone excited about it, so then we moved onto the teaching staff and expanded it out.

"Changing systems was seamless and key personnel at the school have been won over, and are looking to develop what they know to assist their understanding of how STATonline can improve the way that they plan effectively for the needs of our pupils. 

"We always want evidence of what we are doing and that’s why we chose to change our school assessment system last year. STATonline has empowered us to be able to analyse our students to a higher level so that we can improve our performance, and in turn theirs too. 

"The support that the STATonline pupil tracker provides is second to none with a dedicated and knowledgeable helpline that is quick to resolve any queries or questions. I am very pleased that we made the switch and would highly recommend this to other schools."

For more information on Educater's STATonline pupil assessment tracker, please visit STATonline

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