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Back in January 2015, St John’s Church of England Academy was one of the first schools to sign up to the Educater platform with a subscription to its pupil assessment tracker STATonline.

The school, which dates back to 1815 and is located in Coventry, required a pupil tracker that would meet the needs of the new curriculum following the Government’s decision that the national curriculum levels would be removed and not replaced.

The STAT Sheffield project was a direct response to this change in Government policy. Sheffield school leaders, the local authority and education practitioners teamed together to devise a new system for assessment. They were concerned that the loss of a common language and approach would have an impact on partnership working and consistency. The result of this was the School Tracking and Assessment Tools system (STAT).

One of St John’s main requirements was to find something that was easy for staff to use and that would help them support their planning needs.

By allowing teachers and leaders to analyse attainment and progress more efficiently, the STATonline pupil tracker was the ideal solution for St John’s. The primary assessment tracking system helps teachers to better understand the needs of their school, report to others and become more knowledgeable in child development.

Teachers are able to evidence a child’s progress by creating a ‘learning journey’ that allows observers to look back at how a child has progressed though their early years right through to KS1/KS2.

STATonline also allows St John’s Church of England Academy’s teachers to upload pictures, videos and audio files to evidence the work completed as well as relieving teachers from a large volume of paperwork, allowing their time to be better spent, teaching in the classroom.

Headteacher Gary Watson explains, “Educater are continually updating and improving their platform. They listen to the needs of schools, create new reports and adapt the system. Educater's pupil tracker was easy to set up and it links to SIMS so automatically updates.

“The staff at St John’s love using Educater STATonline. Its quick access allows teachers to assess the children at any point during the lesson. Staff are aware of the children’s next steps in learning straight away and are able to meet their needs.”

STATonline also enables teachers to publish reports which highlight ‘gaps in learning’ in order to make adjustments to their teaching. This facilitates significant gains in student achievement and boosts engagement, particularly among students most at risk.

Reports can then be exported into various formats for easier distribution and OFSTED preparation. Teachers can also schedule a time for reports to be emailed to their - or any - inbox.

Mr Watson added, “From a Senior Leadership Team viewpoint, it has a number of reports that help show attainment and progress well. Both staff and SLT use the reports to identify underperforming groups and their next steps in learning.”

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