Educater to attend Inside Government's 5th Annual SEND Conference

On the 17th June 2015 Educater will be exhibiting at an event hosted by Inside Government. The 5th Annual SEND Conference: Improving Outcomes for All Children and Young People will enable delegates to discuss best practice strategies for improving support for children and young people with SEND in light of the implementation of the September 2014 Children and Families Act.

Inside Government presents a series of interactive, information led and exclusive forums and events. These focus on a range of government policy fields, and are designed for people working in the public, private and third sectors. Each event provides attendees with a unique opportunity to discuss pertinent topics with a panel of speakers, policy experts, and fellow delegates.

During this event James Sutherland, Co-Founder & Co-Director, will be discussing overcoming the challenges of implementing the SEND Code of Practice while remaining pupil-centric.

The talk will include the following:

  • Effective management of and transferring to EHC Plans across all local authority regions.
  • Working efficiently and sharing data through your equivalent of IEP’s and 1 page profiles.
  • The importance of and methods to gain pupil input & interaction and communicating effectively with parents and carers.
  • Using 1 page profiles and person centred review meetings (incorporating Helen Sanderson Associates methodologies).
  • Ultimately implementing the very essence of the SEND code of practice to provide the most comprehensive support to pupils.

You can find out more information and details about how to book by visiting the Inside Government website.  Link on Inside Government website.

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