5 Tips for dealing with the back to school blues

All teachers whether student or veteran teachers will at some point get anxious and nervous before going back to school. It is a hectic and exciting time, setting the feel for the rest of the year, so it is important you get off to a good start.  Here are five of our tips for going back to school.


A Fresh Start

Start with a fresh perspective and try not to make any preconceptions. It should be a fresh start for both you and your students. Learn from last year, think of the good and bad and learn from it. Make this year your best year!

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try incorporating a new teaching strategy. A new classroom setup is often a good start, clear out the old and create a new learning space which reflects you. Creating a space that you feel comfortable in will come across in your teaching.


Be prepared – But don’t over plan  

Plan enough to ensure everything runs smoothly and avoid any last-minute rush. But don’t stress yourself out with planning, things are likely to change. With different students comes different learning styles, lesson planning is not a ‘one size fits all’. Plan the first week full of exercises that will help you get to know your students and their learning needs.

Research from TES showed the top characteristic students want from their teachers is to be funny. Now we know you don’t always get what we want but what’s the harm in throwing in some light relief every so often? Showing your students that you can have a laugh makes you more personable.


Get to know your colleagues

Get to know your colleagues, if you’re a veteran teacher this could mean getting to know the newbies. A good relationship between those in a similar situation to yourself is a crucial piece of the puzzle, when getting through the more challenging days! Ask questions and learn from their experience and knowledge, building a good support network can help you grow as a teacher.  


Build a parent community

Reaching out to parents in the first term is important to set the precedent for the rest of the year. Building a strong parent-teacher relationship and gaining their trust and cooperation early on can only work in your favour. You could do this via a blog, newsletter and or regular meetings. Encourage an open-door policy giving them the freedom to ask questions.

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