STAT Key Concept Grids coming soon

Key Concept Grids offer an approach which offers measurement of the depth of learning through the assessment of fewer objectives in greater detail.

In the Key Concept Grids, the key statements are organised into themes and used to assess a child’s learning in each year group in each area (Reading, Writing and Mathematics) against descriptors based upon Bloom’s Taxonomy.

These new style grids allow for greater focus on children’s learning behaviours. 


How do you asses using Key Concept grids?

The Key Concept grids still allow you to assess a child’s Learning Step, but the methodology is different.

Some schools have chosen to implement STAT in a similar way to assessing NC Levels or have conceptualised progress similarly to APS.

It is important to move thinking fully beyond the ‘Levels style’ methodology and focus on what a child can do, when using Key Concepts.

Watch the video for more information: