Streamling the Education Health and Care Plan process

It has been widely recognised that information sharing between education, health and care professionals is a significant concern and in addition to the statutory requirements already in place, there needs to be a culture change in the EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan) process.

One of the biggest frustrations we hear from the SENCos we work alongside is that the majority of their time is spent labouring through huge piles of EHCP paperwork instead of actually spending their time with families, parents, professionals and the individual who is actually at the heart of the process. It’s important that we find a way of helping SENCos use their time more effectively.

Educater's SEN management tool SEND can help streamline the EHCP process so that your SENCo and support staff are free to do what they do best – supporting their pupils in reaching their true potential. 

How can Educater SEND benefit you?

  • Improves communication between professionals and familiesSEND will help to improve communication between professionals and families and brings together education, health and care teams through an online platform.
  • Manages your time and workload with a few clicks – Educater's SENCo software SEND is also a great way for your teachers to learn about their pupils’ needs and helps towards making every teacher, a teacher of every need. SEND breaks everything into simple, manageable chunks.
  • Brings together education, health and care teams SEND can provide a central focal point for your school and outside agencies to contribute towards the EHCP process and ensure that the outcome is positive for the individual who is placed at the centre of the plan.
  • Helping to meet the reduced 20-week statutory time-frame – By providing better management of the EHCP process, Educaer's IEP/EHCP management tool SEND provides a quicker turnaround and ultimately support actions for pupils resulting in a more effective learning.