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What is everyone else doing?

If I only had been given a pound for every school that asked me that question…

“What is everyone else doing?”

And yet this very simple question raises questions for me too about what any of us are doing with tracking and assessment during these days, and more importantly, why? Coronavirus has put so many more schools into pockets of isolation, so I feel now is the time to challenge this thinking.

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Target Setting Post Lockdown

As September rolls around, as teachers get to know their new classes and the Autumn term flies along at a great rate of knots, we usually spend a little time looking at pupils’ past performance to identify end of year or end of key stage targets for children and cohorts. But what do we do, having returned to school, where some pupils have been absent from traditional, formal education since March? 

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A guide to educating children at home during the Coronavirus

This guide is for both parents of school-educated children and their teachers. Neither signed up for home-schooling, yet here we are. We are all making changes due to the impact of coronavirus on education. Jam-packed full of resources to make the coming weeks and months easier, for parents and teachers, this guide will enable you to feel confident that children’s learning is continuing, albeit in a different way.

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Following the outbreak of the Coronavirus the education sector finds itself in a period of uncertainty. Following the Government’s advice yesterday on limiting attendance at schools throughout the UK we would like to reiterate that the team at Educater remain available to provide support during these unprecedented times.

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Could Do Better: Reports With A Personal Touch

Teachers love teaching but hate the paperwork and so primary report writing isn’t something they look forward to. In fact, for many teachers primary report writing is a monumental chore that eats away at their well-being and sanity because they are so time-consuming. But they have to do it - the Department for Education requires schools to prepare annual school reports for every pupil’s parents.

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