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How to Build Good Parent Teacher Relationships | Educater

Building a good parent teacher relationship can feel like a daunting challenge, but there’s no reason it should feel this way, as both parents and teachers have the same goal of making sure each child is happy and achieving their best. However, we understand that there may be moments that will test the positive relationship you’ve formed. To make sure everyone is on the same page, we’ve put together our top tips on how to build good parent teacher relationships that will not only benefit the child but also the parents and teachers.

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Benefits of using Pupil Tracking Software | Educater

There are so many benefits and reasons to take advantage of the pupil progress tracking software. The Educater tracker tool enables regular assessment of pupil progress, providing teachers with invaluable information on the progress and achievements of their students. Take a look at the full list of benefits below.

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The 12 activities of Christmas for EYFS

Christmas is upon us, yet there's still so much to do before the festive break, such as christmas nativity shows, tidying classroom displays, organising teaching materials and so much more. So we’ve tried to make the last week of school that little bit easier by bringing you 12 Christmas activities for preschoolers.

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EHC Plan Process and Frequently Asked Questions | Educater

As a SENCO, you are most likely asked a lot of questions by parents, teachers and the school about what an EHC plan is and how the EHC Plan process works. It can sometimes be difficult to have a short and clear answer readily available to these questions as the law around special educational needs (SEN) can be quite confusing and complex. We’ve answered the most common FAQs to help you better your support as a SENCO.

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