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May 2022

Thursday 19th May 2022

Hosts: Karen Thompson and Becky St.John

If you’re looking for an early years tracker which reduces workload and allows you to spend more time with the children, our Tiny Tracker could be the solution for you.

This webinar will give you an overview of Tiny Tracker with a look into how to record observations, run reports, create a tailored Learning Journey and how you can share these with parents.

April 2022

Friday 1st April 2022

Hosts: Karen Thompson, Becky St.John and Gareth Webb

This webinar will provide you with an introduction to the different assessment methodologies available on our system and a chance to find out which assessment grid is right for you.

March 2022

Tuesday 15th March 2022

Hosts: Karen Thompson and Donna Gaywood

Whether you are using the Birth to 5 Matters Guidance or the new Development Matters Framework from the Department of Education, you may well be asking how these fit in with the new Early Learning Goals. This Webinar opens up some of the debate and we are pleased to be joined by Donna Gaywood who will talk with us about where Early Learning Goals sit with the Birth to 5 Matters Guidance.

November 2021

Wednesday 16th November 2021

Hosts: Karen Thompson

Observation Tracker is one of our NEW assessment tool!
It applies the principles of quality tracking through observations and is suited particularly to SEND settings and SEND children in mainstream. This webinar will outline how to set up the system and get started on tracking.

October 2021

Wednesday 6th October 2021

Hosts: Karen Thompson,  Gareth Webb and Donna Gaywood

Catch up on our latest webinar with special guest Donna Gaywood as we take you through the principles of the Birth to 5 Matters guidance as well as demonstrate to you how Educater’s Tiny Tracker can support the practice in your setting.

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