Next-Level Bespoke Tracking for all Alternative Provisions and PRUs

Transform your observation tracking with our bespoke solution for alternative provisions including PRUs, enabling you to optimise processes with enhanced flexibility and efficiency, while providing comprehensive support for students with academic needs ranging from GSCE to Entry Level, including regular small group interventions, behaviours, and possible SEND needs.

Focus on Student Progress

Observation Tracker empowers all alternative provisions and PRUs to flexibly track students' small steps of progress, transforming data into actionable insights that fuel student focused learning. It goes beyond tracking qualifications to create a detailed portfolio of unique observations that document every aspect of a student's journey.

Empower Your Observation Tracking

Bespoke Tracking for all Alternative Provisions and PRUs

Data Entry: The First Step to Unlocking Insights

Inputting data into Observation Tracker is super easy. The system is designed to be user-friendly and can be used by staff of all levels of experience. Whether you’re wanting to upload an observation, an achievement, or an objective, Observation Tracker will provide a comprehensive overview of the student’s time at school.

Unlocking Insights: Running Reports to Get the Data You Need

At any stage, your staff will be able to see at a glance whether or not their students are on track to meet their targets or require additional support. With the suite of reports available, you can unlock valuable insights into progress, identify areas of improvement and inform detailed planning, and tailor teaching strategies accordingly.

What Reports are Available?

Select a report

Descriptor Gaps In Learning Report

  • Easily track qualifications such as BTECs.
  • Collect evidence for access arrangements and monitoring behaviour.
  • Track detailed descriptions as well as the broader curriculum statements.

  • Identify learning behaviours and behaviours for access arrangements.

Headlines Point In Time Assessment Report

  • Useful for analysing small group intervention progress.

Individual Point In Time Assessment Attainment Report

  • Monitor Point in Time Assessment Attainment for a small group.


Individual Point In Time Assessment Progress Report

  • Track small group progress over time.
  • Learning Journey ReportReport back to parents and students.
  • Report on vocational qualifications and those that require picture evidence.

A Must-Have for all Alternative Provisions and PRUs

Track your students using any terminology and grading method, making it adaptable to various teaching styles and curriculum requirements.

Choose from a wide range of off-the-shelf curriculum or create your own, ensuring that your observations and assessments align with your specific teaching objectives.

Receive outstanding customer support from real people, offering assistance and guidance whenever you need it.

Easy data input options to keep the workload low, allowing you to focus more on teaching and interacting with students.

A suite of comprehensive reports that help alternative provisions monitor student progress, identify areas for improvement, and plan targeted interventions to support individual needs.

Regularly share student progress updates, both academic and personal, with parents and carers. Encourage two-way communication by providing opportunities for parents to ask questions and share feedback.

Why Observation Tracker and not Assessment Tracker?

Observation Tracker and Assessment Tracker are both intuitive systems which can be used to monitor progress. While they both share similarities, they also have distinct differences in their purpose and functionality.

Observation Tracker uniquely captures small steps of progress that may not be evident in traditional curriculums, by focusing on the observation of students’ behaviours, skills and interactions. This is particularly useful for:

  • Tracking the development of skills and behaviours, as it allows for detailed descriptions of observed actions and interactions.
  • Identify areas of strength and potential areas for improvement, providing valuable insights for staff working with students in various settings.

These small steps can be used to support a more traditional academic learning, empowering staff to understand the unique strengths and challenges of each student, and tailor their teaching methods to meet individual needs.

Assessment Tracker is more suitable for measuring progress against specific standards or benchmarks. It can provide a more objective and quantifiable measure of achievement, used to track the attainment of learning objectives through evidence of written assessments. Observation Tracker, on the other hand, utilises observable evidence to demonstrate student attainment of learning objectives.

Optimising Success: Tracking Student Needs for the Best Chance of Achievement

Addressing the needs of students with special educational needs and maximising their achievement both require a comprehensive approach that includes educational, social, and emotional support.

For students with special educational needs (SEND), the Educater SEND module empowers staff to quickly learn about students' needs and support options, improve communication between professionals and families, whilst reducing administration burden.

With SEND, staff are able to implement targeted interventions which address an inclusive learning environment, recognising and accommodating diverse learning styles and challenges.

Shaping Successful Learning Pathways: Getting Ofsted Ready!

Educater's SEFOnline is a valuable tool for all alternative provisions and PRUs, helping them navigate the Ofsted inspection process more effectively. The online Self Evaluation tool guides schools in shaping their school Improvement plan and ensure they’re fully prepared for Ofsted visits.

As a crucial component in the inspection process, the self-evaluation form enables schools to critically evaluate their strengths and areas for development, and showcase their unique approaches to address the needs of their students.

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