School Report Writing During Covid-19


Write Personalised School Reports From Home

In the unprecedented times we are facing Educater's system is here to support you track and maintain ever changing classes, at school or at home. We know the problems that you, your colleagues and pupils are facing and want to help.

As the majority of parents start to get to grips with helping to educate their children during these difficult times, we can help you produce your termly school reports from wherever you are based, whether that be at your school, an alternative school or at home.

Our system allows you to send regular reports to parents/carers that includes recommendations for additional home learning and feedback to ensure that the impact on your pupils' education is limited as far as possible during this period of school disruption, whether the pupil is at home or at school, in order to ensure continuity between these groups.

School Reports can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, on any browser - meaning your teachers can quickly and easily complete school reports wherever they are working and send these to parents as normal.

Parents want to receive reassurance during this time from their child's teacher and this is one of the tools that can help you do that. Our reports are user-friendly and in-depth with personalised comments, which clearly show their child's strengths and weaknesses, progress and attainment as well as notes you may wish to add on home working, for example.

These reports form a child's personal history so they need to communicate the finer details with real care and thought. Educater School Reports supports teachers to do exactly that by providing the creative tools to prepare high quality, transparent and personalised reports.

Key Features Of Educater School Reports

School Reports
School Reports helps teachers build their bank of statements so that they can make their reports more personal and detailed.
School Reports
Provides a timeline with clear deadlines for teachers and headteachers to submit comments.
School Reports
Create personalised templates, or choose from a bank of pre-defined ones, as well as attaching a cover letter within a few clicks.
School Reports
Parents receive an in-depth report with personalised comments which clearly show their child's progress and attainment.
School Reports
School Reports can be accessed anytime, anywhere on any online browser.

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