Assessment Tracker

The complete assessment suite which supports data tracking to give clear insights into attainment and progress.


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Optimise Pupil Assessment and Tracking

Using Assessment Tracker allows you to track pupil data effortlessly, giving clear accessible insights into pupil attainment and progress. This will enable you to understand the needs of your school and identify any Gaps In Learning. We recognise the range of assessment requirements from tracking objectives in the curriculum to the growing emphasis on broader teacher judgement.

What is included in Assessment Tracker?

Multiple Frameworks

Our range of frameworks allows you to emulate your existing methodology or choose a new methodology, by subject, in a flexible manner.

Our system allows you to track progress against all statutory assessments including the new Reception Baseline assessment, to easily monitor Gaps In Learning and cope with catch up planning required from the COVID-19 period.

Multiple Content

We source from a wide range of content providers including the National Curriculum and that of leading providers, such as STAT Sheffield, Rising Stars and Pearson. You can choose your own elements of these or create your own custom content resulting in a totally bespoke curriculum.

Powerful Reporting

Within our Assessment module you will find our powerful assessment reports. We have six different reporting categories: Contextual, Attainment, Progress, Prior Attainment, Pupil, and our Interactive Reports. Each of these are packed with various styles of reports which will generate detailed information about your pupils and your school.

Using our powerful assessment reports, you can analyse your pupil progress and see Gaps In Learning and other trends. You can save your favourite report or view your most recent, and there is also the option to hide the reports you do not wish to see.

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