Hear from some of our schools using Educater and learn about their own unique approach to using the Educater software!

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Jamie Atkins (The British International School of Abu Dhabi)

“Educater is now bespoke to our school needs. This has been important for us internationally as we have some different subject areas that are not taught in other countries.”


Laura Trelfa, Headteacher at Micklehurst All Saints CE Primary School

“The reports that you can generate are extremely useful, particularly when reporting data to SLT and Governors. Our staff appreciate the efficiency of the pupil progress reports which summarise pupil progress and attainment succinctly.”


Emma Williams, Deputy Head at Whitby Heath Primary School

“Educater has allowed us, as a school, to use a platform to log, monitor and track pupil’s progress, assessments, test scores, gaps in learning and many other features.”


Bradley Jowitt (Seven Hills)

“The features such as creating your own curriculum content and being able to customise all aspects of the system were really beneficial for us to be able to break down targets for students and show progress.”


Mikaela Chapman, Deputy Headteacher at Stone Hill School

“Before using Educater we used a paper-based system which was bulky and had to be passed from year to year.  It was time-consuming for teachers and also required all teachers to be able to do the calculations needed for the small steps of progress made by our pupils.”


Mark Dakin, Headteacher at St Giles’ CE Primary School

“Educater has reduced workload for all significantly, without compromising effectiveness and quality. An excellent must have for any school looking at improving their assessment and reporting systems.”


Adam Medlock, Headteacher at Stafford Hall School

“Having customisable education trackers meant that we are able to input our own curriculum and we are already showing full progress. Staff can easily add photographic evidence or how we are meeting the needs of our EHCP’S and Preparation for Adulthood targets.”

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