Results Day Analysis

Result Day Analysis

Helping to soothe your results day anxiety

Picture the scene; It’s Key Stage Two results day. You’re desperate to discover how well you’ve done. You receive a sprawling file with all your precious figures, the ones that’ll end up in the league tables and listed in the local paper. The governors are waiting. Your Y6 teachers are waiting. Your partner who works at the school down the road has already texted you their results. The realisation hits you; how am I supposed to make sense of this?

The solution; Educater Analytics, an analysis package of all statutory KS1 and KS2 data. It’s not a problem if you haven’t ordered in advance or you are not an Educater customer, simply complete the online form and pay £99.

A new Educater account and a few imported files later and you’ll INSTANTLY get access to our suite of our INTERACTIVE reports. They’re easy to understand and digest, and you can print them off or convert them into a pdf in a matter of seconds. If you do need some support simply call the number and speak to one of our ever-helpful advisors.

There’s a Pupil Report which allows you to filter and sort your cohort by any number of variables, and an Outcomes Report which summarises all subjects and indicates strengths and possible areas to investigate. We haven’t forgotten Key Stage One, either, with a comprehensive summary of attainment in Reading, Writing, Maths and Phonics, with a separate summary for Disadvantaged pupils.

Then the only things you’ll have to worry about are the results themselves.

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The reports you will receive:

Key Stage 2 Outcomes Report – Comprehensive coverage of KS2 outcomes. The report breaks down each subject into Expected Standard and Greater Depth, with separate analysis for Disadvantaged pupils. Each subject is split into Attainment and Progress. In addition, the Outcomes Report provides an overview of your cohort’s strengths and areas for investigation.

Key Stage 2 Pupil Report – This is an interactive report that allows you to filter and sort individual students or groups. For example, you could list pupils in alphabetical order, by highest attainers or by progress from KS1. You can also filter groups, such as Disadvantaged or SEN, to examine them in isolation. The interactive nature allows for easy highlighting.

Key Stage 1 Outcomes Report – Everything you need to analyse and digest your KS1 outcomes. Includes Reading, Writing, Maths and Phonics with separate analysis for Disadvantaged pupils. Trend (subject to historical information) and contextual data are also included.

Phonics Report - Five pages of phonics goodness. Kicking off with a contextual page the report moves on to show strengths and areas to investigate. This is followed by breakdowns of Y1 and Y2 phonics results by the main vulnerable groups.

Early Years Foundation Stage Report - Our EYFS report begins with the usual cohort characteristics info you’d expect from us. Then we launch into a complete analysis of strengths across all seventeen aspects of learning. We then move on to Good Level of Development, % of pupils in the lowest 20% for your authority and finally % of pupils meeting and exceeding the expected level across the early learning goals.

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