Tracking SEND Pupil Progress

Educater enables pupils with SEND to be assessed in a range of ways depending on their need and severity. This could be using the National Curriculum model, but assessing pupils on a previous year’s curriculum objectives – assessing ‘stage not age’.

For pupils not yet working on the national curriculum, schools have the option of continuing to demonstrate progress through to the Early Learning Goals using Tiny Tracker; recording assessments against the Pre-Key Stage Standards or imputing a locally agreed framework t assess against. Which ever approach you choose, you will be able to track and monitor the small step achievement and progress made over time.

Alternatively, pupils with SEND may also be assessed and monitored using the Observation Tracker. The pupil observation tool is designed to assist teachers to track their assessments, meaning that all pupils within a school can reach their full potential. Whether you are using the Engagement Model, the National Curriculum or your own framework, you can bespoke your own curriculum templates and objectives to make the system unique to your setting.

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