Why we created the Primary Assessment Pupil Tracker?

Educater supports teachers in the classroom monitor the progress of their pupils with its primary school pupil Assessment Tracker. The school assessment was developed following changing Government policy and the announcement that national curriculum levels would be removed and not replaced, school leaders and education practitioners teamed together to devise a new system for primary pupil assessment.

It was believed that by using a common approach, a culture could be created that would help to develop: collaborative professional development, data sharing, moderation of children’s work, consistency in primary school teacher assessment and the management of transitions between schools for children or staff.

IT helps to manage assessment in primary schools

Educater’s Assessment Tracker is high flexible, making it easy to customise with any curricular.

We understand that every pupil’s progress is individual and unique and this assessment tracker enables primary school teachers to track pupil assessment quickly and has a direct impact on the way they plan children’s learning in Key Stages 1 and 2 and the early years’ foundation stage (EYFS).

Educater also has the capability of incorporating any primary assessment framework into our pupil tracking system and has partnerships with other leading content providers including NAHT and Rising Stars Progression Frameworks.

Assessment Modules

Assessment Tracker

The complete assessment suite that supports your educational setting - track data to give clear insights into attainment and progress

Tiny Tracker

Identify and track how the youngest children are progressing and evidence their journey through their Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Observation Tracker

A simpler process of observing your pupils, students or trainees to identify their next steps in learning

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