What is STATonline?

STATonline is the only web-based primary tracking software specifically designed to manage the STAT Sheffield ‘life after levels’ curriculum. The STATonline pupil assessment tracker enables your staff to analyse attainment and progress efficiently, both to understand the needs of your school and in reporting to others. Reports from the school data analysis software can identify gaps in learning and aid lesson and curriculum planning for your school.

The STAT Sheffield project was a response to changing Government policy and the announcement that national curriculum levels would be removed and not replaced. Sheffield school leaders, the local authority and education practitioners teamed together to devise a new primary tracking system for assessment. They were concerned that the loss of a common language and approach would have an impact on partnership working and consistency. The result of this was the School Tracking and Assessment Tools system (STAT).

What’s included in STATonline?

  • EYFS - STATonline EYFS grids allow easy input of Age and Stage information for children in nursery and reception. The detailed reports show attainment and progress in all seventeen Aspects of Learning. Live data gives instant analysis of all pupils including vulnerable groups. A key feature of STATonline is that you can track children from EYFS into KS1/2.
  • Planning and Assessment Grids - STAT Sheffield Planning and Assessment Grids contain all objectives from the National Curriculum. They enable teachers to make judgements about the depth of children’s learning against all statements in the curriculum, ensure full coverage, analyse gaps in learning and assess skills across all core areas.
  • Key Concept Grids - STAT Sheffield Key Concepts offer an approach which measures the depth of learning through the assessment of fewer objectives in greater detail. It is important to move thinking fully beyond the ‘Levels style’ methodology and focus on what a child can do.
  • Statement Descriptors - STAT Sheffield Statement Descriptors provide a resource to support teachers in their understanding of the National Curriculum. Key objectives are exemplified and so allow STAT Sheffield users to understand content regardless of their assessment methodology – they are compatible with the statements used in both Planning and Assessment Grids and Key Concept grids.
  • PITA (Point in Time Assessment) - PITA supports teachers in making a decision on a child’s current stage of development and enables staff to better understand where focuses need to be placed in order to address underachievement. It aims to eliminate the issue of progress appearing lower due to aspects of the curriculum not yet being covered and add weighting to the speed at which children grasp new concepts along with the depth of their understanding.
  • Scheduled Reports - Choose any of STATonline’s user-friendly reports and simply schedule a time for it to be sent to your - or any - inbox. This functionality is available for any user within the system with a valid email address. The recipient will then receive a report in Pdf or Word format containing only the most relevant, up-to-date information.

Key Features

  • Input and analyse anywhere, at any time, through a web browser.
  • Input judgements more efficiently by year, class, defined groups or by individual.
  • Supports formative & summative assessment and planning.
  • Tailored to your school. Choose from STATonline Steps, STATonline Grid Statements and STATonline Statement Descriptors.
  • Assessment and tracking grids which include; KS1/2, Key Concepts, Delayed Development, English as a Second Language, SEN (P-Scales) and Early Years Foundation Stage.
  • Choose from pre-set contextual, attainment, progress and pupil reports or create your own reporting filters within our STATonline Filter Management tool.