School VA Calculator

School VA Calculator

At Educater, we are not fans of surprises. This is why we have created a KS2 Value Added Calculator to give schools and education leaders an insight into the progress of their pupils throughout Key Stage 2.

The Value Added School Calculator compares the results achieved by each individual pupil against the national average score for pupils with the same prior attainment in that year group. School leaders are then able to predict whether a pupil will be above or below the national average based on the results generated from the school VA calculator.

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Value Added Calculator

The KS2 VA School Calculator will;

  • show pupil-level Key Stage 2 progress estimates
  • show school-level progress estimates aggregated to MAT/Collaboration level
  • inform your MAT or school which pupils should achieve the expected standard
  • show individual and school Value Added scores for Reading, Writing and Maths. The dashboard also show grouped results for MAT/Collaboration Schools
  • allow progress scores to be drilled down into the main vulnerable groups
  • show both actual and estimated Key Stage 2 results and value added progress scores.

To enquire about our VA school calculator and to get an insight into how your pupils are progressing, book a demonstration in the panel on the right or contact us by calling 0300 012 0001.

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