Track Pupil Progress with Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) Software

Elevate teaching standards by streamlining assessment processes, maintaining consistency across the trust, facilitating the seamless sharing of data between schools to promote good practice and targeted support. Additionally, enable collaborative professional development and ensure smooth transitions between schools.

The Impact of Educater’s Assessment Tracker: Making a Difference in Education

Set Standards

  • Streamlines assessment processes for consistent evaluation across the MAT.
  • Enhances the ability to compare pupil performance across different settings.

Share Data

  • Utilise the MAT Interactive Dashboard to display key contextual and attainment information.
  • Enables trust leaders to quickly assess the performance of each school.

Maintain Consistency in Teacher Assessment

  • Professional conversations become more productive across settings.
  • Facilitate moderation processes.
  • Increase consistency in teacher judgements.

Improve Collaborative Professional Development

  • Utilise Trust data for professional development planning.
  • Accurately identify common needs through data analysis.
  • Facilitate the sharing of good practices based on identified strengths.

Manage Transitions Between Schools

  • Individual school-based systems for staff movement without re-training.
  • Seamless transfer of pupils between schools through the system.

What can MAT Leaders Gain From Reports

Our MAT Interactive Dashboard centralises assessment, context and attendance data from all Trust schools in a user-friendly interface, providing MAT Leaders with a holistic view of academic performance and pupil progress. This centralised approach enhances efficiency, allowing leaders to make informed decisions without having to navigate through multiple systems or compile data manually.

MAT Leaders can leverage timely interventions and the ability to respond quickly to emerging trends or challenges. By filtering data to examine performance of individual school or vulnerable groups and analysing trends over time, they gain detailed information to identify strengths and areas requiring support. This proactive approach fosters collaboration and facilitates best practice sharing through benchmarking among Trust schools.

Getting The Most Out Of Educater

Tailored for tracking the youngest of pupils, Tiny Tracker is our EYFS tracker and online learning journal for pre-schools and reception classes.

View Tiny Tracker

Designed for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, Observation Tracker supports schools in tracking the small steps of progress for SEND pupils.

View Observation Tracker

The Report Writer module serves as a powerful tool for schools aiming to strengthen parental engagement and communication. This module empowers schools to craft personalised reports for parents, delivering valuable insights into their child’s academic progress.

View Report Writer

The online SEND tool is a unique approach to managing your internal process as well as dramatically reducing the administrative burden for your SENDCOs and other educational staff. The aim of SEND is to make the process simpler and we have a range of standard templates included, for example IEP, Simple Behaviour Support Review and Simple Support Plan Review. We can also create bespoke templates for you, for example Local Authority EHCPs.


Educater’s SEFOnline is a valuable tool for schools, helping them navigate the Ofsted inspection process more effectively. The online Self Evaluation tool guides schools in shaping their School Improvement Plan and ensure they’re fully prepared for Ofsted visits.

View SEFOnline

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