Bespoke Pupil Assessment Tracker

If you are looking for a bespoke pupil assessment tracker which has the ability to track assessment data and measure progress your way, Educater is your ideal choice.


Educater allows your Senior Leadership Team, Assessment Leads and Teachers to easily track pupil progress and attainment. Through a more manageable process, you will be able to produce reports that you need to inform your decision making and identify areas for improvement.

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Turn insights into action

We know how important it is to schools that their assessment tracking be of the highest standard to allow your pupils to reach their full potential.

Educater can help you achieve this.

Customer Success Stories

“Educater is now bespoke to our school needs. This has been important for us as we are an international school we have some different subject areas that are not taught in other countries….. Sign yourselves up! The Team are phenomenal and are always a huge help!”

Jamie Atkins  I  The British Internal School Abu Dhabi

“I have really enjoyed working with Educater to get all our assessment frameworks onto one system. Working in a SEN school with students aged from 11-19 has meant we needed a system that can include students working on the engagement model all the way to secondary school.”

Bradley Jowitt  I  Seven Hills School

“Educater has allowed us, as a school, to use a platform to log, monitor and track pupil’s progress, assessments, test scores, gaps in learning and many other features.”

Emma Williams  I  Whitby Heath Primary School

“Educater allows schools to tailor the system so that it works effectively to meet specific needs, and this was particularly useful when embedding our approaches to the assessment SEND children.”

Laura Trelfa  I  Micklehurst All Saints CE Primary School

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