International Student Assessment Tracking and Reporting

The optimal tracking solution for schools and MATs for any curriculum, any data format and any reporting demands.

Seamless tracking and data analysis

Educater is a flexible assessment tracking solution that helps educators track student progress and improve learning, through powerful data entry and analysis tools that also reduce teacher workload.

Customisation: Track your students using any terminology and grading method.

Curriculum: Choose from a wide range of off-the-shelf curriculum or create your own.

Support: Receive outstanding customer support from real people.

Workload: Easy data input and import/export options keep the workload low.

Reports: A suite of analytical reports from gap analysis reports to support in-class teaching and learning, to summary analysis to provide accountability for your senior team.

Supporting teachers and classrooms around the world

Using test data to enhance student performance

Our smart data import makes it super easy to import any test data into Educater. With just a few simple clicks, your data can be fed through the system ready to be analysed with the suite of reports available.

Example of tests to import:

  • GL Assessment Tests
  • Cambridge Progression Tests
  • Cambridge Checkpoint Tests
  • Pearson IPLS Achievement Tests
  • Pearson IPLS Progress Tests
  • RS Assessment Tests

The freedom to choose the curriculum of your preference

Whether you choose to use your own curriculum, use pre-built curriculum such as the British National Curriculum and White Rose Maths for example, or blend elements from different curricula to create a tailored educational programme, our Assessment Tracker can accommodate your individual learning requirements and empower the diverse academic pathways to allow students to achieve their academic goals.

Why the best international schools choose Educater

School Leadership

Comprehensive Reporting

School Improvement

Parent Engagement

Reduced Teacher Workload

Real-Time Progress Monitoring

Lesson Planning

Effortless Data Management


Collaborative Teaching

Customer Service

Fully Customisable Setup

Outstanding Customer Support

Select your role

Record assessment data against individual or groups of students.

Instant access to real-time data.

Generate comprehensive reports to identify student performance.

Use the Gaps In Learning Report to provide targeted support.

Send customised reports with progress information to parents.

Spend more time teaching in the classroom.

Record data-driven assessments and observations.

Bank of curriculums available to use or customise.

Development Matters Framework and Birth to 5 Matters Guidance available.

Generate and share customised reports including Learning Journeys.

Empower parent engagement with regular updates.

Freedom to offer a better quality of education centred around your own setting.

Use the Gaps In Learning Report to aid Curriculum planning.

Design bespoke curriculum grids and assessment frameworks.

Create individual student progress and attainment reports.

Monitor the informative overview of your whole school.

Encourage collaborative teaching to discuss student outcomes.

Relieve staff from large volumes of paperwork and administration burden.

We’re happy to make a positive difference in 1000s of classrooms around the world

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A tool for your every need

Assessment Hub


A complete assessment tracking solution for flexibly monitoring pupil attainment and progress. Designed to streamline your workload.

Communication Hub


Share key information such as Annual School Reports and EYFS observations directly between teachers and parents.

Comparison Hub


Analyse pupil and school data to identify performance levels and enhance school improvement.

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