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What is Educater?

Designed in partnership with schools, Educater provides a smart web-based solution for schools, academies, MATs and local authorities. The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software consists of tools for assessment and tracking for life after levels, pupil-centred communication and electronic SEND paperwork management. Its modular approach is designed to dramatically reduce the administration and data management burden.

Educater fully integrates with leading schools’ management ICT systems including SIMS, RM Integris, Facility CMIS, Scholar Pack and Wauton Samuel.

Educater Central

The hub of the Educater System. This is where you access all areas of Educater. When you subscribe to Educater Central you also benefit from the Educater Mail module.

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Tired of administrative headaches? Educater breaks time consuming administration processes into simple, manageable chunks with modules for School Tracking & Assessment and SEND practices, including EHCP. Schools have the freedom to choose to subscribe to which modules suit their needs.

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Bolt-Ons are optional additional features that can be added to your Educater. The Bolt-Ons integrate seamlessly with your subscribed modules.

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