Time saved doing school reports is a real benefit for Oakmeadow Primary

Oakmeadow School

Ever since head teacher Carla Whelan took over the reins at Oakmeadow C.E Primary School, pupils and parents have seen wave after wave of improvements sweeping through their village-based school. During their last Ofsted inspection, Carla and her leadership team were praised for developing “a strong culture for good teaching and learning across the school.”

But it is now the art of school report writing that Carla and her senior leaders have turned their attention to. Following on from positive results generated by Educater’s pupil progress tracker STATonline, Carla has approached Educater to provide a smart online solution that could save her and her teaching staff valuable time when compiling their annual school reports.

Carla Whelan

Carla said, “Previously we used a word document, which was always hard to realign and manage for printing. The system has helped us easily track which reports have been completed and which reports need to be reviewed. It was also easy to then save and print these documents (after years of struggling with word). The set up and pre-written statements mean that writing school reports is now an easier task but it’s great that we can still make the reports personal.”

“The process for school report writing was made much simpler because of the managed system provided by the module. The alerts for reports ready to be looked at by leaders was helpful and the review management system kept the completed reports separate, this was hugely helpful.  As a leader, I was able to ‘grab’ minutes to look at one or two and not have to try and remember which ones I had looked at later! Teachers saved at least 2-3 hours by using this module.”

The positivity of the Educater School Reports module has also been welcomed by the rest of the Oakmeadow team with Lisa Jones, deputy head teacher, also impressed by the results generated by Educater School Reports. Lisa added: “Formerly, we used a template in word where teachers filled in scores for effort and achievement and typed in comments for core subjects and personal statements.

“The major benefit of the Educater system is the statement banks and the ability to create your own comment banks. The report we sent to parents looked very similar to the one sent out previously. This was a huge positive for us as we didn’t want it to look any different with the format only being changed recently.”

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