We are proud to work amongst leading names within the education industry. The Educater system has been developed by software experts who have also built collaborative solutions with educational professionals, which is why our system is able to manage the needs of any setting.

Access to Education

The Birmingham SEN Toolkits from Access To Education provide schools using Educater Assessment with a method to track and identify pupils with special educational needs working below expected levels of the National Curriculum in Maths and English. The Toolkits support teachers and SENCOs with a range of teaching and learning ideas in order to improve learning outcomes and inclusion in the classroom.


The British Educational Suppliers Association is the trade association covering the entirety of the UK educational suppliers’ sector. BESA has a code of practice which its members, including Educater, must adhere to.

Birth to 5 Matters Logo

Birth to 5 Matters

Research carried out by the Early Years Coalition, resulted in the development of Birth to 5 Matters as they adapted the previous non-statutory guidance to produce a new form of support which aims to meet the needs of EYFS practitioners. This information and guidance provide foundations for good EYFS practice within Early Years settings.

Discovery RE

Discovery RE’s assessment system allows teachers to easily assess and track pupil progress. Discovery RE also contains mapping documents that demonstrate how the scheme fully supports SMSC, British Values, the requirements of locally agreed syllabi and Understanding Christianity. The Discovery RE assessment statements are now available on Educater for schools who use the scheme. For more information about Discovery RE, please visit https://discoveryschemeofwork.com or call 01202 377192.

Helen Sanderson Associates

Helen Sanderson Associates is dedicated to personalisation and person-centred practices. It is with the help and guidance from Helen Sanderson Associates that Educater was able to develop its Pupil Passport module which creates a live one-page profile.

Learning Unlimited Teaching School Alliance

Learning Unlimited (LUTSA) is a primary-led teaching school alliance in Sheffield. LUTSA’s moral purpose is to transform children’s lives through a world-class education and specialisms include Mathematics Mastery, Mastery English, EYFS and leadership. We are very excited to be working in partnership with LUTSA to bring the interactive self-evaluation tool to schools across the country.


With the help and support of senior teachers who are responsible for curriculum delivery and assessment in primary schools across England, the NAHT has developed a set of model assessment criteria based on the new National Curriculum. The NAHT assessment frameworks have been incorporated into the Assessment pupil tracking system.


The National Association of Independent Schools and Non-Maintained Special Schools (NASS) is a membership organisation working with and for special schools in the independent, voluntary, and private sectors within the UK.


Pearson’s Abacus content has been incorporated in to Educater Assessment as an option for teachers to track pupil progress against. Abacus has been designed to support teachers in making well-informed judgements about how primary aged children are learning in mathematics. Abacus helps children master mathematical concepts and to encourage a love for maths.

Rising Stars

Rising Stars developed their whole-school frameworks with the support of assessment experts. The result is a set of ‘ladders of progression’ for English, mathematics, science, geography, and history. These ladders are used as a framework for Educater’s assessment tracking module Assessment to track against.

STAT Sheffield

STAT Sheffield's approach to 'life after levels' has been developed by Sheffield school leaders, the local authority and education practitioners coming together to devise a new system for assessment following the Government's announcement that National Curriculum levels would not be replaced. Educater's Assessment is the only online assessment tracking system designed to specifically to manage STAT Sheffield content.

MIS Integration Partners