Educater is not only available in the UK but internationally as well. The Educater platform can be used at any time, from anywhere in the world and is currently used by schools in Africa, the Middle East and across Europe.

1Customisable System

We understand that not every country will have the same education model, which is why Assessment enables international schools the freedom to design their own curriculum and then create the best assessment methodology to suit their school. The pupil tracking system is completely bespoke, allowing international schools to set unique objectives and marking systems.

2Tracking School Performance

Analyse stored school data with a range of reports suitable for Senior Leaders, Governors, Subject Leaders or Class Teachers. Use the information to inform school development planning and drive school standards upwards.

3Informing Planning

Educater aims to support teachers in using the assessment information to aid lesson planning and improve pupil progress. Using the Gaps In Learning report allows members of staff to make adjustments to their teaching and facilitate significant gains in pupil achievement and boost engagement.

4Reduced Teacher Workload

Securely log into your account from anywhere, at any time to upload your pupil data to give clear insights into pupil progress and achievement.

Recommended Modules

Assessment Tracker

The complete assessment suite that supports your educational setting - track data to give clear insights into attainment and progress


Communicate directly with parents with the online communication tool, offering both email and SMS options

School Reports

Minimise the workload of writing reports to parents by using our school reports module

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