EYFS Tracker Software

Identify and track how the youngest children are progressing and evidence their journey through their Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).


Record purposeful observations

Tiny Tracker is an EYFS tracker and learning journal that allows practitioners to share evidence with parents so that they can see for themselves how their children flourish from the start of their learning journey.

Online Early Years Tracking Solution

  Observation and Tracking

Upload pictures, videos and audio files to evidence the work children completed onto our EYFS software. We provide a choice of frameworks to choose from and you can monitor children against multiple curriculum content including EYFS, ELG and the Development Matters frameworks. Alternatively choose to implement the Birth to 5 Matters guidance.


Reporting on Tiny Tracker provides practitioners with the ability to evidence a child’s progress by creating a Learning Journey. Observers can look back at how a child has progressed through their early years. We also offer a Gaps In Learning report to help you understand the needs of your setting.


Send daily and termly reports back to parents using Parent Passport. The reports tell parents exactly what their child has been doing and allows them to make sense of their child’s growing imagination. Parents can also receive their child’s personal care diaries which track every meal, nappy change and sleep routine, along with any medical or health logs.

Create a Bespoke Learning Journey

Keep parents fully involved

Parent Passport (included with our EYFS software - Tiny Tracker) is an easy to use online parent portal that allows schools and early years settings to communicate directly with parents. With Parent Passport, schools and early years settings can share child observations, daily care diaries, announcements and regular updates on learning with parents.

A close up picture of our Parent Passport System

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Flexible Tracking for your EYFS Setting

Tiny Tracker allows you to identify and track how the youngest children are progressing and evidence their journey through their Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

The importance of EYFS Learning Journeys

Our learning journey maps individual development which can be later used when considering reporting and the Early Learning Goals at the end of Reception

EYFS Assessment, Observation and Planning

Whether you are working as part of a nursery, within a preschool or any early years setting, EYFS assessment has the same key elements needed to ensure all children can reach their full potential

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