Reduce staff workload

1Tracking and Monitoring

Use the tracking feature to upload pictures, videos and audio files evidencing the work your children complete. We provide a range of frameworks to choose from and you can monitor children against multiple curriculum content including EYFS and ELG frameworks.

2Creating Learning Journeys

Store all observations, photos, and videos on the system, where you can access them rapidly and build them straight into exclusive online Learning Journeys. 

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3Reduced Workload

Our web-based platform allows staff to log into their account securely from anywhere, at any time to upload data. Information can be recorded quickly onto the system to give clear insights into progress and achievement and inform planning. 

4Informing Planning

Tiny Tracker aims to support Early Years Leaders manage their settings effectively. Our tool will help leaders to understand the needs of their setting and identify areas where young children need additional support. 


5Communicating with Parents

Parent Passport allows instant sharing of observations as chosen by the school. Parents can log in at any time to see updates on their child’s activities and add their own comments and photographs to the record. Information on health can be shared along with meals, nappy changes, and sleep routines. The passport is also a channel for parent/school messages or the sharing of school newsletters. 

An overview of Tiny Tracker: EYFS Assessment Tracker and Online Learning Journey Webinar


See how to record observations, run reports, create a tailored Learning Journey and how you can share these with parents.

Recommended Modules

Tiny Tracker

Identify and track how the youngest children are progressing and evidence their journey through their Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Parent Passport

Regularly keep parents updated with child observations, daily care diaries, announcements, and updates on learning

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