Educater are very pleased to be named as one of the Independent Schools Association’s preferred suppliers.   

The Independent Schools Association represents the head teachers of 455 of the UK’s best independent schools, providing its members and their staff with a wide range of membership services, including high quality training courses and conferences, networking opportunities, advice and support.

Educater’s STATonline pupil assessment tracking system has been highlighted as just one module that can really benefit independent schools across the UK. The pupil progress tracker allows school leaders to incorporate their own content into their STATonline system, allowing head teachers to teach their own independent curriculum in a way that best suits their school.

Educater will also be present at many of the events hosted by Independent Schools Association throughout 2018 including the Association’s Annual Conference in May and the Association’s Autumn Study Conference.

For more information on Educater STATonline, please visit or call our team on 0300 012 0001.