Educater unveil new Pupil Passport module

As a SME we are finding that we are constantly growing and evolving at a rapid pace. Being in the education sector means that the growing and evolving is only accelerated. The development and building of the Educater system has been a huge learning curve for the whole team. As a company we always strive to work to industry best practice, which often means seeking advice from industry experts in order to achieve this.

We are committed to researching the best possible way of catering to SEND children’s needs in education, we have recently become members of NASEN and BSNG (BESA Special Interest Group). Since speaking with NASEN, we have realised the full potential of our SEND management software and what impact this could have on all schools across the UK.

Person-centred communication

Through our constant research it has become clear how important person-centred communication is, and how it can impact the EHCP process. We have liaised with local authorities, special schools, state-funded schools and SEND charities in order to understand what person-centred communication really means  to the pupils and how SENCO’s can implement a person-centred ethos into their schools.

We now see that it is imperative that the pupils are at the heart of all communication, this is both surrounding the EHCP and in every other aspect of the pupil’s life. It is understood that SENCO’s are often the main professional involved in the EHCP process, and therefore are the ones who have the most paperwork to complete. We have taken it upon ourselves to make person-centred outcomes visible to all of those involved, whilst simultaneously reducing the amount of administrative burden. It is important that a SEND pupil’s interests and what matters to him or her is at the forefront of the documentation, and that the teachers and SENCO’s will see these needs first rather than a statement.

Pupil Passport

As two of our co-directors are developers it gives us the flexibility to be able to adapt in order to operate within best practice. We have taken the wonderful idea of a ‘One Page Profile’ and turned it into a live ‘Pupil Passport’. The Educater Passport brings the pupils to the heart of the EHCP and ensures that everyone knows how to best support that pupil. We recognise that different pupils like to communicate in different ways, so the passport facilitates for this. The pupils can input the information themselves, teachers/ TA’s can enter it for them and they can even film their wishes and feelings.

Because Educater has full read and write integration to SIMS, a Pupil Passport can be created in moments, saving both teachers and SENCOS time. Pupils can print an up to date profile out as well as being able to access it on tablets and smartphones, meaning they can take the profile anywhere they wish. Pupils and teachers can upload work via the Pupil Passport, this work can be directly inputted into the EHCP.

The Pupil Passport was designed with simplicity in mind, meaning that all users can navigate around the passport with ease. Different styles and templates of the pupil one page profile will be available so that you can tailor it to the individual’s wants and needs.

We hope that you find our application of our findings interesting and we welcome any questions and comments. More information and WebEx’s are available on request. Please email to find out more.