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Primary Assessment Update

Our education consultant Gareth Webb has picked the bones out of the recent DFE release about the forthcoming Reception Baseline, the latest information relating to ASP, the IDSR and key actions for this year’s KS2 SATs.

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GUEST BLOG | Richard Palmer, Discovery RE

This week’s guest blogger Richard Palmer, Senior Consultant with Jigsaw PSHE/ Discovery RE, tackles the issue of whether statutory Relationships and Sex Education are necessary within Primary Schools. Jigsaw PSHE and Discovery RE are in partnership with Educater with Discovery RE assessment statements already available for schools to use within Educater and Jigsaw PSHE assessment statements to be added later this year.

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The Benefits of an Online Pupil Tracker | Educater

The Educater online school pupil tracker not only makes planning, managing and reporting on pupil progress much simpler and more effective but its online capability means it can be accessed anywhere and at any time, with all of the data stored in one place. 

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GUEST BLOG | Lynne Taylor, GDPR for Schools

Since 25th May 2018 the lack of understanding and knowledge of the new data protection law has given us more fairy tales than the Brothers Grimm could ever have imagined! None more so than within the education sector where fear of being held to account has led a myriad of myths and an attitude of ‘better to be safe than sorry.’

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