Teachers have for a long time desired a reliable assessment tracking system where they can analyse and clearly see where the gaps in learning of their pupils are. This means that they will be able to make necessary adjustments to their lesson plans so that significant gains in understanding are achieved and engagement is increased, especially among students at risk.

Using STATonline’s Planning and Assessment Grids enables you to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your selected group.

The easy-to-use grids allow you to record the depth of knowledge for each child in each subject area. Detailed reports then show areas in which your pupils are working at greater depth or are not yet working securely within the curriculum.

The handy drop-down statement descriptors enable staff to make professional judgements more quickly and confidently.

“We are really excited by the unique opportunity STATonline’s primary assessment tracker gives us to record children’s achievement in an efficient and impactful way. By enabling teachers to focus on assessing specific skills, in a simple way, we receive much richer and detailed achievement data that can then be easily analysed using the wide range of reports. It is going to significantly support our teachers in enabling children to reach their potential.”

Robbie McGrath, Malin Bridge Primary School

Our comprehensive reports give teaching staff and School Leaders in-depth analysis of individuals and groups, making STATonline’s pupil tracker the complete solution for life after levels.

New Feature!

Star reports to show finer detail for children working below Age Related Expectations or those with additional needs.