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Mail Educater Mail is a school-to-parent communication software that enables schools to produce consistent correspondence between teachers, parents and pupils.

How can Educater Mail and SMS software help with parent and school communication?

Our school communication software Educater Mail, allows schools to generate consistent pupil mail and provides schools with an easy-to-use and effective SMS school management software.

We understand that communication is a two-way process, which is why Educater Mail’s school SMS system allows educational staff to not only send out messages but receive them too. Parents can now send their SMS text message or email responses direct to your school’s Educater inbox.

By creating a letter from a pre-defined set of templates, Educater Mail allows users to choose the recipients for the selected document, whether that is a parent, individual, group of pupils, or even the whole school.

School leaders are able to send and receive SMS text and email messages to and from their employee contacts in the same way that they do for pupil mail – improving internal school communication and efficiency.

Personalised teacher-to-parent communication can be sent by email, letter or SMS text message, or a combination of them. All parent-to-teacher communication can be used to evidence safeguarding.


Key Features of Educater Mail’s parent and school communication software

  • Create documents and school-to-parent communication.
  • Choose from pre-defined templates.
  • Select recipients by individual, group, or even the whole school.
  • Select distribution method – email, text, letter, or any combination of the three.
  • SMS Bolt-On – send bulk teachers to parent text messages within a few seconds with our school SMS system, choose from our competitively priced teachers-to-parents text service packages.
  • Pre-defined email - pre-written templates with correct attachments if required.
  • Print-to-Post Bolt-On - this bespoke service means that those letters you created and that are ready to send, can be printed, put into envelopes and sent by us.

How Educater Mail can benefit teacher-to-parent communication in your school

  • Produces personalised teacher-to-parent communication quickly and easily.
  • Maintains high levels of consistency in parent and school communication.
  • Saves your school time and money.

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