SEFonline – self-evaluation form for primary schools


SEFonline An online self-evaluation tool to support primary school leaders in preparing for Ofsted inspection visits and shape their school improvement plan.

SEFonline is an online primary school self-evaluation form tool that supports school leaders in preparing for Ofsted inspection visits and shape their school improvement plan.

Using SEFonline to self-evaluate your school and shape your improvement plan

We understand that schools can often be given little notice before an Ofsted inspection, so the completion of the school self-evaluation form needs to be done accurately and as quickly as possible. Completing the self-evaluation form (SEF) doesn’t have to be a laborious task. Educater’s self-evaluation tool SEFonline makes the process of evaluating your school both efficient and valuable – meaning your SEF doesn’t end up in a folder having no impact on your school improvement plan. SEFonline will not only streamline the whole process but will also free up school leaders valuable time

SEFonline has been designed by a combination of school leaders and inspectors to ensure that the Ofsted online self-evaluation form provides an accurate indication of where your school is as well as identifying the areas for school improvement.

SEFonline takes school leaders through a primary school self-evaluation process based around key performance indicators, which interpret the Ofsted grade descriptors for good and outstanding in order to provide an indicative grade. SEFonline’s primary school self-evaluation form has been trialled successfully in a number of recent inspections and Ofsted inspectors have agreed with the grades SEFonline has generated.


Key Features of SEFonline’s self-evaluation form

  • An online SEF system, which is efficient and user-friendly.
  • Integrates with STATonline and pre-populates assessment information.
  • A highly intuitive, automated process, which guides leaders through the self-evaluation process.
  • Multiple senior leaders can access SEFonline simultaneously.
  • School data is presented clearly and accurately against national averages to illustrate the school’s performance.
  • Measurable key performance indicators in each section.
  • The online SEF form generates appendices with further evidence where required.
  • Previous versions of your SEF are archived for future reference.
  • Export your online SEF in PDF format at the touch of a button and send directly to the lead inspector, to SLT or to governors.
  • Your primary school is always ready for the Ofsted call.

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