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Assessment for SEN

The new curriculum for SEND has arrived

Educater has now incorporated CATS (Curriculum Assessment Tool for SEND) into its pupil assessment tracker. CATS an assessment system that supports schools in assessing the small steps of progress made by pupils with SEND.

The pupil assessment framework is designed to assess pupils working at P4 onwards up to the point where they reach National Curriculum level meaning that that ALL pupils in a school can remain within the same school pupil assessment tracker. This allows pupil progress to be tracked and reported on easily and effectively for individuals and the school as a whole.

The statements assessed against in CATS are small steps that consider some descriptors from P levels and incorporate the new pre-key stage standards in place for the academic year 2018-19.

“The assessment group involved in developing the CATS system for children with SEND were keen to use Educater to publish the work, as previous work with them had been collaborative and efficient. Educater has always been keen to support schools in making improvements to their system and designing bespoke reporting packages to support specific requirements. Staff at Educater have always been proactive in working with our schools and address any questions efficiently and quickly.”
Kate Sandilands, Assistant Headteacher at The Rowans School, Sheffield

The pupil assessment framework is currently available to assess, track and report on English and Mathematics attainment, and will be extending to include PSHE later this academic year.

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