Early Years Foundation Stage Children

EYFS - Early Years Foundation Stage

Track your children’s progress through the
Early Years Foundation Stage and into Key Stage 1

Stand-out features

  • Track children throughout Foundation Stage.
  • Generate detailed reports showing attainment and progress in all seventeen Aspects of Learning.
  • Mark against Early Learning Goals.
  • Use reports to identify trends and patterns across the cohort to help teachers address gaps in learning.
  • Create individual and key group progress reports.
  • Upload pictures, videos and audio files to evidence work.
  • Input and analyse anywhere, at any time, through a web browser.

EYFS ReportSTATonline’s EYFS tracker allows nurseries, pre-schools and reception classes to track children’s attainment and progress as well as evidence their ‘learning journeys’ through the Foundation Stage. By using STATonline’s EYFS tracker, teachers are able to easily input Age and Stage information for children in nursery and reception. This live data gives them instant analysis of all pupils including vulnerable groups.

“STATonline’s EYFS tracker is a really simple-to-use system. The online system allows us to record our data in the same way we previously did whilst quickening the process. The range of reports makes Gap and Group analysis easy. Pupil on a page is particularly useful to get an overview of where the child is and to set their next steps. “
- Early Years Practitioner, Sheffield


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