Multiple Frameworks

Multiple Frameworks

Pick and mix between multiple assessment content providers

Educater Assessment allows school leaders to pick and choose between multiple assessment frameworks to ensure that their assessment strategy meets the requirements of their school. Educater has already signed up to partnerships with many of the education industry’s leading assessment frameworks including STAT Sheffield, Rising Stars Progression Frameworks and NAHT.

The recent partnerships with Rising Stars has meant that Assessment can incorporate their Progression Frameworks for English, Maths, Science, Computing, Geography and History into its pupil assessment tracking system alongside the current 2017 Interim Frameworks, STAT Sheffield and NAHT frameworks for Reading, Writing, SPAG and Mathematics.

By having a selection of different assessment frameworks available to schools, leaders can combine their favourite elements of each framework. For example, it may be that your school wants to assess against the Maths descriptors provided by one of our content partners but prefer the English descriptors provided by another – this is not an issue when using Educater Assessment’s pupil tracking software.

STAT Sheffield Rising Stars NAHT

Input your own curriculum directly into Assessment

In addition to offering a choice between multiple assessment frameworks, Educater provides school leaders with the facility to input their own curriculums into Assessment's pupil progress tracker. This allows senior management teams to teach and plan their lessons in a way that is right for their school.

I wanted to be able to put in our own curriculum skills grids that we have created as a staff in line with the National Curriculum. The staff and children are used to planning and working towards these and so it made sense to add these in for assessments to be made. It means we could ensure that all of the skills from our curriculum skills grids were in.

It was also cost effective as our budget is very tight. It will really help being able to assess in these subjects. It is going to be a real focus for schools this year as Ofsted are now putting a lot of focus on the broad and balanced curriculum and they will want schools to be able to produce data to show how children are doing. Using the STAT reports will help to quickly and easily present information on different groups too.

- Matt Revill, Fox Hill Primary School, Sheffield

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