School Leadership

School Leadership

Helping primary school leaders in supporting their pupils to reach their true potential is one of Educater’s primary objectives. Our school management tools have been designed and developed in collaboration with leading primary assessment experts, education leaders and primary school teachers in order to ensure that our solution continues to meet the needs of primary schools.

How Educater can support School Leaders:


Assessment – pupil assessment tracking software

Primary school leaders are provided with a school pupil assessment tracker where they can analyse attainment and pupil progress across the whole of their primary school or even multiple schools. They are able to analyse real time data with simplicity and speed. One of the true benefits of Assessment’s pupil progress tracking system is that senior leadership teams are able to input their own assessment content into their educational assessment tracking software. This allows school leaders to customise their assessment package in a way that is right for their school.


SEFonline – interactive self-evaluation tool

Many school leaders spend a huge amount of time writing their self-evaluation ready for Ofsted and this often ends up being a very long, detailed document. The feedback we have had from inspectors is that they are not looking for a lengthy document with a lot of narrative and would prefer a summary of the online school self-evaluation form. Our aim in creating SEFonline has been to create a user-friendly, online self-evaluation form which pulls together the key evidence and presents it in a visual format which will be accessible to a wide range of audiences.

School Reports

School Reports – personalised school report writer

Educater School Reports provides school leadership teams with tighter control over writing school reports that schools send out to parents. The primary school report writing software also allows leaders to approve comments made by teachers. Senior Leadership Teams can also set tight and clear deadlines and notify teachers when their school reports are overdue.

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