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School Reports

School Reports School Reports is a stylishly designed web-based module created to make primary school report writing more personalised and less time consuming. School Reports connects with the rest of the Educater platform to bring information on progress to the forefront of primary school report writing.

Who can use School Reports?

  • Teachers - School Reports facilitates teachers writing school reports to build up their bank of statements so that they can make their primary school reports more personable and detailed. On entry to the primary school writing software, teachers are able to see all the pupils they're assigned to at the click of a button. Once comments have been submitted for approval, feedback can be received from an approver to clearly see what, if any, changes need to be made.
  • SLT - The online school report writer allows the SLT to have greater management over school reports. The SLT can approve comments made by teachers and set clear deadlines with notifications for overdue school reports. The SLT are able to email primary school reports to parents where possible. Educater School Reports gives a holistic view of the whole primary school.
  • Administrators - School Reports significantly saves both time and work for primary school administrative and support staff. The primary school writer allows teachers to use personalised templates, or choose from a bank of pre-defined ones, as well as attaching a cover letter within a few clicks. To help cut back further on their workload, we'll even set everything up for you.
  • Parents - Parents receive an in-depth school report with personalised comments which clearly show their child's progress and attainment. Parents are also able to view the completed school report on their Parent Passport.

Key features of School Reports

  • Provides a timeline with clear deadlines for teachers writing school reports and headteachers to submit comments.
  • Can include pre-defined Assessment reports. Allows users to use pre-defined templates or upload their own.
  • Cuts back on administrative workload - we'll even set everything up for you. Allows teachers to build on their own personal bank of statements.
  • Displays information from Assessment and Pupil Passport to give teachers writing school reports a reminder of the pupil's progress.

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