Pupil tracking and teacher support in Academies and MATs

Academies and MATs

Educater software helps Academies and Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) students to reach their full potential by providing teachers and school leaders with comprehensive assessment tracking and school self evaluation.

The software provides academy chains with a single MAT data dashboard to track pupil progression across all of their schools.

Track pupil progress across multiple schools

Educater’s pupil tracking system Assessment, provides MATs and with an online assessment dashboard where they can analyse attainment and pupil progress across all of their academy schools in the same way instead of using multiple assessment systems.

By using one assessment tracking solution, MATs are able to work more closely together. This shared, common approach allows academies to:

  • improve collaborative professional development,
  • share data,
  • develop wider moderation of pupils’ work,
  • maintain consistency in teacher assessment,
  • manage transitions between schools for pupil or staff.

Using Assessment MATs are able to analyse real time data with simplicity and speed and as a result spend less time to worrying about where they are going to find data from each school. Assessment is able to provide reports across all cohorts.

By using the reports generated, academy leaders are able to view which schools are performing well and those that are struggling. Leaders can then implement good working practices from stronger schools to help boost the performance of the academy schools which require improvement.

MAT Self Evaluation Made Easy

The SEFonline module aids school self evaluation by benchmarking where the school currently performs and identifying valuable improvements. This creates a comprehensive evaluation to support self evaluation and improvement planning reports, so you are always ready for the Ofsted call.

Writing School Reports

Educater school report writer allows schools to quickly personalise and send reports out to parents. Upload progression data directly from the Assessment module to save time.

Parent communication is also effortless with the Educater Mail module. Teachers are able to use the school communication system to send emails, SMS and letters at a touch of a button.

Find out more about how our software can benefit your school by booking a demo with us or speak to our friendly team on 0300 012 0001.

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