Independent Schools

Monitoring pupil assessment in independent schools

Educater’s STATonline pupil tracker installs a culture of learning into independent schools that supports every pupil in reaching their true potential.

Creating the freedom to teach an independent curriculum

One of the biggest benefits for independent schools using STATonline is that the pupil assessment tracking software allows senior leaders to input their own curriculum and assessment content providing them with the freedom to teach subjects in whatever way they choose.

Governors and stakeholders at independent schools need to be able to hold their senior leadership team to account and ensure that their school is being effectively managed. Educater’s STATonline pupil assessment tracker allows school leaders to schedule and send performance reports direct to any inbox so that they can evidence the quality of their school’s teaching and the progress of their pupils.

Educater School Reports also allows Independent School leaders to send out personalised school reports to parents which helps to keep pupils parents and family engaged and active in their child’s education and progress. The school report writing software will give senior school leaders a holistic view of their independent school.