Tiny Tracker - EYFS Tracking and Learning Journal

Tiny Tracker

Tiny Tracker Tiny Tracker is an EYFS tracking system that monitors children’s progress through the Early Year Foundation Stage and records online EYFS learning journals.

How does Tiny Tracker track early years?

Tiny Tracker is an online EYFS assessment tracker and learning journal that allows nurseries, pre-schools and reception classes to identify and track how young children are progressing and evidence their journey from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) all the way through to Key Stage 1 and 2.

EYFS managers and staff are able to evidence a child’s progress by creating a ‘learning journey’ that allows observers to look back at how a child has progressed through their early years.

Tiny Tracker allows users of the EYFS tracking system to upload pictures, videos and audio files to evidence the work completed. In addition to this, work achieved as part of a group can also be documented on the EYFS assessment software.

By evidencing through a ‘learning journey’, parents and staff using Tiny Tracker are able to see for themselves the progress that their children have made throughout the observed time frame. This can help the children realise their achievements and build up their confidence.

Children’s work can also be shared with parents and as a result encourages greater parental contribution to the child’s education and development through EYFS.

Tiny Tracker

Key features of Tiny Tracker

  • Observe children throughout the Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS).
  • Mark against Early Learning Goals.
  • Identify and track trends and patterns across cohorts.
  • Create individual and key group progress reports.
  • Upload pictures, videos and audio files to evidence EYFS work.
  • Input and analyse anywhere, at any time, through a web browser.

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For more information, please visit www.tinytracker.co.uk.

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