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1 Tracking and Monitoring

Use the tracking feature to upload pictures, videos and audio files evidencing the work your student completes. 

2 Managing Observations

Store all observations, photos, and videos on the system, where you can access them rapidly and build them straight into an exclusive report.

3 Reduced Workload

Our web-based platform allows staff to log into their account securely from anywhere, at any time to upload data. Information can be recorded quickly onto the system to give clear insights into progress and achievement. 

4 Informing Planning

Our tool will help leaders to understand the needs of their students and identify areas where additional support is needed.

5 Communicating with Parents

Parent Passport allows instant sharing of observations. Parents can log in at any time to see updates on their child’s activities. 

Recommended Modules

Observation Tracker

A simpler process of observing your pupils, students or trainees to identify their next steps in learning


Communicate directly with parents with the online communication tool, offering both email and SMS options

Report Writer

Minimise the workload of writing reports to parents by using our school reports module

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