EHCP and IEP Management for SENCOs at Special Schools

Special Schools

Access to Educater SEND supports special schools in bringing together education, health and care professionals together through the same online platform.

SENCO Support

Educater SEND gives your SENCOs maximum time to spend with their pupils. The SENCO software offers a great way for special schools to learn about their pupils’ needs and helps every teacher become a teacher of every need. The recent SEND reforms undoubtedly carry an administrative burden but by working with academies and local authorities, SEND is able to identify time-sinks and break everything into simple, manageable chunks – making life easier for SENCOs and support staff.

Pupil Inclusion

Educater SEND and Pupil Passport gives special school leaders and insight into an individual child’s behaviour and learning patterns so that your SENCOs and educators can cater to an individual’s needs and monitor their progress more effectively.

Pupil Passport provides special schools with information on a pupil’s individual needs at their fingertips. Pupil Passport one-page pupil profile provide a powerful tool which helps support the improvement of education outcomes for any child.

EHCP and IEP Management

Educater SEND can incorporate any Local Authority’s EHCP paperwork and make it electronic which can then be accessed any time, from anywhere. Different sections of the plan can become available to the relevant parties to complete.

In many cases, it is special schools driving EHC Plans rather than the intended multi-agency approach. Educater SEND improves communication across agencies, increasing a school’s reputation for professionalism and productivity. By providing better EHCP/IEP management, the SEND module provides a quicker turnaround and ultimately supports actions for pupils resulting in more effective learning.

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