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The Tiny Tracker EYFS tracking software enables preschool, nursery and reception teaching staff to identify how young children are progressing in their early years education and developing their core social skills by recording and assessing their learning journey.

The Tiny Tracker nursery software helps staff assess each child’s ‘learning journey’ in EYFS

Educater’s Tiny Tracker is an EYFS assessment tracker and learning journal that allows nursery, preschool and reception teachers to identify how young children are progressing and evidence their journey from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) all the way through to Key Stage 1 and 2 as well as mark against the set UK Early Learning goals.

EYFS managers and staff using Tiny Tracker are able to easily input Age and Stage information for children in nursery and reception. This live data gives them instant analysis of all pupils including vulnerable groups.

By creating a ‘learning journey’, EYFS managers and key workers are able to look back at how a child has progressed through their early years. Tiny Tracker allows nursery staff to upload pictures, videos and audio files to evidence the work completed. In addition to this, work achieved as part of a group can also be documented on the EYFS assessment software.

Parent Passport also links in with Tiny Tracker so that nursery and reception staff can interact with parents to share the special moments captured and inform parents and carers of their child’s progression and development. This can also help the children realise their achievements and build up their confidence.

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