Pupil Tracking and Teacher Support in Primary Schools

Primary Schools

Helping primary schools in getting their pupils to reach their true potential is one of Educater’s primary objectives. Educater has been designed and developed in collaboration with leading primary assessment experts, education leaders and primary school teachers in order to ensure that our solution continues to meet the needs of primary schools.

Lesson planning

Educater Assessment module supports teachers in using assessment information to aid planning and improve pupil progress. The pupil tracker can be tailored to your individual primary school requirements.

Teachers can publish reports which highlight ‘gaps in learning’ in order to make adjustments to their teaching. This facilitates significant gains in pupil achievement and boosts engagement, particularly among primary school pupils who are most at risk.

Reports generated can be exported into various formats for easier distribution and OFSTED preparation.

Reduces Teacher Workload and Time

As Educater is a web-based platform, it can be securely used by primary school teachers anywhere, at any time. Teachers can easily make judgements against each statement using the Assessment descriptors as guidance, allowing them to make both summative and formative assessments.

In addition to speeding up the time taken for teachers to make judgements, Assessment also relieves primary school staff from large volumes of paperwork, allowing their time to be spent teaching their pupils in the classroom.

Assessment helps teachers to use assessment information to support planning and improve pupils’ progress. The criteria are supported by the National Curriculum in a format familiar to most teachers, making it intuitive and simple for them to use.

Reporting to Parents

Educater School Reports allows schools to personalise their primary report writing and send these reports directly to pupils’ parents.

Primary teachers and school leaders are able to upload pupil progression evidence from Assessment directly into the school report, keeping parents informed and updated on their child’s education.

Educater Mail makes the process of communicating with parents effortless. Teachers are able to use the school communication system to send emails, SMS communication and letters home to parents with a touch of a button.

By making the process of updating and reporting to parents simpler, quicker and easier, Educater encourages greater parental engagement in your pupils’ development and education.

School Improvement

Ofsted preparation is often a headache for any primary school leader but it doesn’t need to be. Educater SEFonline streamlines the completion of your primary schools Self-Evaluation Form so that when you get the Ofsted call, you know that you are ready.

Once the online self-evaluation software is completed, SEFonline will pinpoint the Ofsted grade you can expect your school to achieve.

The online SEF can be used to highlight areas where your primary school can be improved, making the completion of School Improvement Plans and reporting to primary school governors a whole lot easier for school leaders.

Book a demonstration today with the experts at Educater to find out more about how our Primary Assessment Tracker can benefit your Primary School and this when paired with our other modules is a complete online school management solution. Get in touch today.

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